Cresa Cloud Sourcing and Savings

Cresa was introduced to the client from a former employee who recommended they look at ways to streamline data storage and connectivity.


A law firm with 68 employees in nine offices across the southeast needed to relocate its data center. During a discovery call it became apparent that the firm didn’t need to relocate its data center, but rather it needed to separate from a shared environment to their own environment. Standing up a more stable network would help improve efficiency and reduce downtime. Also, the firm was not happy with the performance or level or support being offered by the existing provider.

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Cresa presented a cloud environment to meet the requirements specific to a law firm. Rapidscale became the clear choice because of its experience in the legal space and understanding of the client’s line of business applications, thus allowing RapidScale to build out the best solution for the client’s needs. Once the client learned the level of management and support structure RapidScale offered, it became even more comfortable that RapidScale was the right choice.

The solution included:

  • 2cpu/2gb ram- Active Directory/Domain Controller 1cpu/ 2gb ram- File Server
  • 4cpu/ 16gb ram- Terminal Servers (3) 2cpu/ 4gb ram- Gateway Server
  • 4cpu/ 4gb ram- Trial Works/SQL 2cpu/ 2gb ram- Quickbooks
  • Windows 2008 and 2012R2 Operating System Enterprise CloudStorage
  • TS/RDS CALs RapidScale Management- (7)
  • Microsoft Office Standard Managed Hosted Exchange


Initially, the Law Firm sought a quote from a managed service provider. But when Cresa was brought in to source alternative best-in-class solutions, they were able to achieve a price reduction of 53%. Over five years, savings to the client exceeded $200,000.

Rapidscale will manage the Microsoft operating system, troubleshooting, and proactively monitor utilization thus ensuring there are no performance limitations around the workload placed on the environment.

RapidScale had a team dedicated to project implementation that worked very closely with the client to ensure a seamless transition. Since the implementation the law firm has enjoyed a more stable environment, improved efficiency and a higher level of support.

Learn how Cresa saved their customer 53% by using Rapidscale.

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