I love my job at Telarus, which is to ensure we have the right people and the right teams in place to provide the right support for our partners. This includes overseeing the partner support and solution teams (engineering, project management, solution sales, and account management). My job is to determine whether we are doing enough, what we could do better, and what we need to prepare to do in the future.

Every day, I get to watch our business in motion. I watch to see how well we respond. Every interaction with our partners is an opportunity to measure whether Telarus is adding value to your business. Are we fast and accurate? Are we knowledgeable? Are we responsive and available? Does the team go the extra mile for partners?

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While I like what I see, I wanted to know what our partners thought. So, a few weeks back, I sent a survey to get a more comprehensive look at how we are doing. I’d like to share what you told us. Here are the key takeaways:


Many companies would be thrilled to have a 70 percent recommendation rate. To have 97 percent recommendation rate is phenomenal. It speaks to the values our founders have focused on from day-one—focus on partners. Hire the right people. Innovate better than everyone else.

We promise to keep moving forward!

This is what you said:

“Your partner support manager is an outstanding support contact for me. His friendly demeanor and responsiveness is the main reason I work with Telarus. He is probably the only master agent contact I would not hesitate to introduce directly to my customers. He is the kind of person I would love to have on my team.”

“The best at responding to any requests that we may have- from quotes, to directing us to the right in house service rep, to following up with any questions that the customer may have once the service is activated.”

“You have my back. They (the partner support managers) are always on top of things and continue to impress me almost daily. If they don’t know the answers (and I have PLENTY of questions), they go find out. Professionally AND personally, they are a pleasure to work with. (You can pay them more, but PLEASE don’t promote them!).”

Your faith and trust in us is inspiring. Thank you! We will never stop working to become better.


The feedback around GeoQuote was substantial and varied. It ranged from loving what the tool does today to asking for more functionality in the future.

“Continue to build on GeoQuote and keep that tool accurate! I would love to see local fiber from the LEC’s.”

“It would be great if GeoQuote was included as a feature of the Telarus mobile app.”

“Enhance GeoQuote to help us determine who is the best provider for specific Hosted Voice, Managed Services, or UCaaS requirements.”

We hear you! GeoQuote put the power in your hands. We are committed to making it even better and look forward to sharing exciting news about GeoQuote at Partner Summit next month.


You got it!

In 2015, we added 17 suppliers. Year-to-date, we have added 12, with several more to come.

We are committed to adding the solutions and suppliers you need to be competitive. As always, if you have recommendations, please share with your partner support managers, directors, or regional vice presidents. Our supplier team is constantly evaluating suppliers (current or future) and appreciate the feedback.


When partners come together to collaborate and assist one another, it is a beautiful thing. You asked us to find more ways to not only share success stories and best practices, but to find forums for partners to talk to and educate one another.

Partner Summit is a great place to do just that. In addition, we will continue hosting Technology Innovation Conferences and regional events to give you the opportunity to interact with suppliers, other partners, and Telarus executives.

We will focus on how to do even more. We’d love to hear your ideas.


In the end, it comes down to people. This is what partners had to say:

“The culture, family feel, nice and helpful people, genuinely feel like they are interested in and vested in our success.”

“EVERYONE is very willing to help our company grow with Telarus. They are constantly thinking of ways to make themselves better and improve their process.”

“Wonderful people who care about the agent/partner community and actually put action behind agendas that actually help the agents become better resources to end users.”

“Top Management! Forward thinking! Always trying to stay ahead of the technology curve. Honest and trustworthy. I have complete confidence we will be paid on time every time.”

When I joined Telarus, I was impressed by the people I met, the company’s vision and goals, and the commitment to culture. Our goal has always been to find people who care and are committed to your success. Thank you for reaffirming our belief that people make the difference!


When I sent the survey, I was looking to get a glimpse under the hood:

  • Are we where you need us?
  • Are we adding value to your business?
  • What can we do better?

What you shared was awesome! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions. Our partner support team is excited and we are truly humbled by your praise, committed to improving things that could be better, and excited to implement your ideas and suggestions.

As always, if any of us here at Telarus can be of service, we would love to hear from you. I will be sending partner surveys out each quarter, but if there is ever a request or immediate need, please let us know.

Thank you for your trust and your partnership. Here’s to an even brighter future!